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That’s how my clients feel. They don’t want to spend years talking to me about the same issue over and over and how hard it is to fix it!  Many of my clients are new to therapy and envision a life very different than what they are living. Some have already done the hard work of self-help, deep inner-exploration, and sitting on the couch with other therapists.  This is where I come in…  providing you with a warm, respectful, heartfelt, encouraging, and personally empowering environment for growth and change.


How does change happen?


My clients are willing to….

  • Show up, do the work, and take the next step.

  • Use the best science available in retraining the mind quickly.

  • Heal the things that need to be healed.

  • Get rid of all that “stuff that doesn’t work” in their lives and repetitive thought patterns.

  • Embrace transformation and feel better than they thought possible.

  • View themselves in a new light, with a life full of purpose, meaning, love, and joy.  


It’s all about solutions that fit you.


As a Licensed Professional Counselor, L.P.C., I’ve spent over 30 years finding cutting edge techniques and tools that shorten the healing process. Together we work on learning new skill sets and perspectives. Perfect for you, your life, and your relationships. We look for answers tailored to your situation, answers that might not fit neatly in the box. Our goal is to quickly uncover conscious and unconscious core issues. You will gain powerful insights and practical coping skills to help you navigate the complex landscape of life, ultimately feeling free of limiting beliefs and past traumas. Moving through life with confidence and effective skills for living each day to its fullest! So ultimately you can get on with a better, easier life!


So the results can be…..


  • Freedom from psychological pain

  • A positive, clear mind, void of repetitive thought patterns

  • Motivation and passion for life

  • Fulfilling relationships

  • Ease and flow in daily life

  • A vision of limitless possibilities

  • Living in a place of authenticity

  • Dreams that become reality


That’s the RELIEF we’re talking about. I’d love to walk with you on your journey! I believe the core within each of us (inside of you!) is of great value and of great worth!

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