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the therapy experience

Therapy is a unique and exciting opportunity for personal understanding, growth, and healing.  During the first session we will get to know one another. We’ll review your intake forms, take a look at your personal history, then discuss your goals and how they can be met.  You bring unique individual needs and desires into the process. Whether you move through therapy quickly or stay for a while depends upon the complexity of your goals, the degree of change you desire, and your willingness to consistently do the work. We begin with a general overview then start working on specifics.


Just to let you know, I view each individual as a whole person.  You are a physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual being. I honor all that you are and am concerned with each area of your life. All the various aspects of you and your life work together. It’s a powerful package. Even though we will mostly focus on psychological areas of your life, we will keep in mind all the areas of your life to bring you into more complete balance.  

To gain the greatest benefits from your experience, insights, growth, and healing in therapy, I strongly recommend that you keep a journal.  

This is an excellent way for you to gauge your progress and reinforce all you will be learning.  From time to time I will give you homework assignments to lock in skills and awareness that can serve you for the rest of your life.  I may also request that you read books to compliment your work.  They are an excellent source of helpful information that can supplement and reinforce therapy.


Sometimes feelings or thoughts arise about the therapy process. You might find yourself wondering if we are on the right track, or even if I am a good fit for your needs.  I welcome all questions and feedback involving the process and our therapeutic relationship.


This is an exciting time. It is yours! It is my privilege to walk with you on this journey of self-discovery and healing. With training in an assortment of techniques, I will carefully consider which will best fit your personality and goals.  Please give me regular feedback as to what is working well for you and what challenges you.  I will encourage you to stretch beyond your comfort zone so your goals will be met.  And applaud you as you succeed and move into the next chapter of your life!


Enjoy The Journey! 

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