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Joy and delight in the moment

In those delicious moments of pure spontaneity children simply ooze delight! They find joy in the simplest of things! A lady bug gingerly climbing a slender blade of grass. The train whistle piercing through a dense foggy night. Or racing their treasured hot wheels over the terrain of their Dad's bulging belly! In their innocence they know the secret worth every ounce of gold at the end of the rainbow......... Joy lies in each miraculous moment!

Look around.......... Fine tune your senses. Let the thoughts, stories, responsibilities drift by. Listen anew to the melody and words of a song, smell aromas in the air, feel the breeze against your skin, see the depth and variety of colors and hues and light/dark contrasts in all that is physically present at this moment. Take your time to reawaken each day to the magic and magnificence of our world. Then we see with the new eyes of a child. Treasure the secret once again! Give yourself the gift of gratitude, joy, and delight.

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