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Hmmm! What should I draw?

Hmmmm! What Should I Draw?

So many choices! So many colors! All over the page? Or just in the middle? Will it make you happy? Or me happy? Which way do I go? Which way do I go?

Decisions! It's way too easy to get overwhelmed with choices in our fast paced, constantly demanding, world. If it brings anxiety and overwhelm, it's simply time to slow down and step back. Those emotions will stand in the way of clear thinking and educated choices. So take some of those deep diaphragm breaths, slow and easy. Feel your feet firmly planted on the floor and stretch your body. Be in the moment. Those are a few of the many tools to help us be in the moment. Then the executive part of the mind can come on line and thinking becomes clear. Ahhhh! Now you can look at the situation again with fresh eyes! Yes! Decision made!


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