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Establishing deep roots

It's breathtaking and inspiring to be dwarfed beneath the majestic canopy of a giant sequoia, or rest on the massive arm of a magnificent spreading oak. They captivate the imagination and fill us with wonder. Their impressive stature is firmly rooted, deeply anchored within Mother Earth. Each is a monument of strength and stability.

We can also sink deep roots as we mature and grow through life's stages and passages. The roots that support us are similar to those of the giant sequoia in that they need to support in good and bad weather. Sturdy enough to not wither or buckle under life's pressures and demands. Roots that are positive and powerful will sustain and nourish our bodies, minds, heart, and spirits.

Consider the roots you're planting. Some roots that will serve you well are:

Honesty. Thoughtfulness. Openness. Loving. Trustworthy. Caring. Creative, Fun loving. Forgiving. Respectful. Compassionate. Curious. Dependable. Joyful. And there are many more worthy of fertile soil. Each root mighty, valuable, and integral enough to support you in all kinds of weather! Choose wisely the roots you grow to last a lifetime! Roots that bring true joy and fulfillment!

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